MindSearch Marketing Research

Marketing Research

MindSearch Marketing Research delivers custom  business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) research solutions to a wide variety of local and national clients. Our experience using qualitative and quantitative methodologies -- and often a combination of both -- sets us apart from the typical research vendor. In addition, prior to founding MindSearch in 1991 our experience on the client side taught us the value of actionable results.


What do you need to know today?


Brand and Corporate Positioning

  -What position does your product and company hold in the marketplace?


Market Share/Penetration

  -What mindshare do you have? How can you increase share?


New Product Development

   -Which product attributes are most important to your buyer segment?


Customer Satisfaction

  -Are your customers delighted? How satisfied are they?


Concept Testing

  -What is the expected market reaction to your new product concept?


Trade-off Analysis

  -Which product characteristics are worth more in your customer's eyes?


Response Analysis

  -Which segments are most likely to respond to particular programs?


Advertising Effectiveness 

  -Why do buyers respond to some promotions and not others?


Channel Development

  -Why are certain channels preferred for certain products?


Competitive Analysis

  -What are your relative strengths and weaknesses?