MindSearch Marketing Research

Marketing Research


For over 20 years MindSearch has consulted with many well known brands in a wide variety of industries. See a paritial list below.


  -Technology                         -Publishing                           

  -Food                                   -Retail/Catalog

  -Software                             -Utility/Government

  -Healthcare                          -Non-profit

  -Office supplies                    -Education


 Companies you may know...

  -Comcast                              -Deluxe

  -Avid Technology                  -Staples

  -Ipswitch Software                -Vistaprint

  -Siemens Medical                 -Harvard Business School

  -Pennwell Publishing            -LL Bean

  -Vermont Country Store       -National Grid

  -Dunkin' Brands                    -Metropolitan Museum of Art

  -National Footbal League     -And many more...


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